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See the famous Panama Canal, the 8th wonder of the world!

Let City Sightseeing highlight the famous Miraflores locks and discover how the Canal works. This engineering marvel is a fifty-mile waterway has been operating since 1914 and transports ships from sea level to 85 feet via a series of gravity-powered locks. Admire the architecture of the striking Panama Edificio Revolucion or take the bus tour to Mi Pueblito, a fascinating complex where various types of cultures in Panama have been at the foot of Cerro Ancon. There you can observe how homes were built using mud and straw and observe cultural performances. Hop off the bus tour and visit the fantastic Biomuseo, which was designed by Frank Ghery, well known for his Gugenheim Museum in Bilbao. Enjoy panoramic views of the Canal, the Americas Bridge, the skyscrapers and the old city centre with its colonial Spanish and 19th Century Italian and French architecture.

Enjoy Panama City by day

For an unparalleled shopping experience, visit the modern Multicentro where you will also find a cinema and casino. Panamanians enjoy their food and their dishes famously include Ceviche (raw fish), Corvina (fish) and Sancocho (soup). The city has a vibrant outdoor scene with several cafes which are sure to delight you and restaurants and bars to cater for all palates. Let City Sightseeing introduce you to this wonderful city and highlight all the things to do and see during your stay